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From the time of his return from India, Xuanzang performed the incredible feat of translating 47 sutras in 1335 volumes. During this meeting, King Harsha made the announcement that he would sponsor a nationwide religious debate in the capital of his empire, Kannauj. Xuanzang would play a major role in the debate while King Harsha facilitated the exchange of ideas. Wise men from various sects in India were invited to participate and offer their opinions on Xuanzang’s ideas. After all the courage and composure that he had shown in the face of the many challenges of his long journey, Xuanzang was overcome by emotion to see the decline of the Buddhist faith that he loved so much. In his book, the Great Tang Records of the Western Region, Xuanzang mentions King Kanishka of Kushana who ordered the Fourth Buddhist Council to be held in 100 CE.

These books are just some of many publications containing information on Xuanzang and his life, works and deeds, as well as some of his translations. It would be impossible to list them all here; below is just one example, in the form of an extremely well-produced documentary from CCTV-9, which is the documentary channel of China’s state network CNTV. The translation of the Mahaprajna Paramita Sutra was completed in four years.

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However, five years after his death, the emperor had Xuanzang’s remains moved to Fanchuan, south of Chang’an in the present-day Shaanxi Province. At some point, his tomb was opened and his remains were sent to Buddhist institutions all over China as holy relics. In 648 CE, Xuanzang presented Emperor Taizong with the translation of the scriptures of the Stages of the Yogic Practice. Upon reading the translation of these scriptures, the emperor became interested in Buddhism.

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Nalanda Monastery rejected the invitation on the grounds that Xuanzang was planning to return to China. The king was outraged, and threatened to destroy Nalanda if Xuanzang did not come. Then, Xuanzang received a similar invitation from the powerful King Harsha. After five years, Xuanzang decided to travel again to gain more knowledge. For the next three years, he travelled around India and recorded in detail what he saw and learnt in his biography. In the spring of 640 CE, Xuanzang returned to Nalanda Monastery and told Silabhadra that he wanted to return to China.

Pronunciation of Xuanzang

When he was 57 years old, the long hours of work started to catch up with him and affect his health. Meetings in the imperial court and his other obligations worsened his condition. In the summer of 628 CE, Xuanzang and his entourage reached the Kingdom of Huo, in present-day Afghanistan.

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  7. Xuan = Shwen.
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He is known for his historical fiction novels and the intense research he goes through when writing them. He also wrote Secret of the Three Kingdoms (三国机密), which was recently adapted into a cdrama starring Ma Tianyu (马天宇), Wan Qian (万茜), and Han Dongjun (韩东君). There are also growing concerns about the environmental impact of Ching Ming. In 2021 – 1,300 years after Tang Xuanzong aimed to curb the out-of-control behaviours of his people – the Chinese government banned the burning of ghost money in several Chinese cities, sparking outrage throughout China. I still remember my mom’s little basket with a sponge, little rake, gardening gloves, and fresh flowers that she used to bring to the grave.

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He came across a city inhabited by 300 Chinese households from all over China. Although the residents of the city wore Turkish attire, they maintained Chinese customs and spoke the Chinese language. Xuanzang’s group continued their journey to the fourth kingdom, Kucha (present-day Kucha County in Xinjiang Province), the most prominent kingdom in the ancient Western region.

  • First among them is the Chinese New Year, which is the first day in the lunar calendar traditionally used in China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, and Mongolia.
  • Another notable emperor of the Tang dynasty was Emperor Xuanzong, Li Longji.
  • Meetings in the imperial court and his other obligations worsened his condition.
  • After crossing the Indus, Xuanzang crossed the mountains to reach the Palmir Plateau once again.

They passed through desert again, and this time sandstorms made progress very difficult. After travelling approximately 250 kilometres, they arrived at the city of Samarkand, one of the most ancient cities in the world. Suyab was located in modern-day Kyrgyzstan, and its population consisted of individuals from various countries and of a range of beliefs. The city had very few trees and the weather was cold, and the people in the region wore linens and furs to keep warm. Xuanzang and his group stayed in a temple near the lake and waited for the ruling Khan of the Western Turkic Khaganate to summon him. While travelling along the Silk Road, Xuanzang was waylaid by a group of bandits.

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He encountered the first challenge as his group was crossing the Indus River. Big waves resulted in the loss of approximately 50 books, exotic flowers and food. After crossing the xuanzong pronunciation Indus, Xuanzang crossed the mountains to reach the Palmir Plateau once again. Another seven days later, they reached the highest peak where there was a village of 100 homes.

What is the pronunciation of Xuanzang in English?

xuanzang Pronunciation. xu·an·zang.

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